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Jiangsu changjiang route of ship standardization startup


A few days ago, jiangsu changjiang river route of ship standardization work conference held in nanjing. This means, jiangsu changjiang route of ship standardization official start.

Meeting emphasized, according to the traffic transportation, the ministry of finance and the eight provinces and two cities, the Yangtze river route of ship propulsion implementation plan of standard overall arrangement, according to "key renovation is old, steadily promote standard ship type" the work mentality, regard good "three pass" (strict ZhunRuGuan, strict supervision shut, strictly control the dismantling change closed), effective use economic measures, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Yangtze river route of ship standardization within the scope of implementation of ship exit shipping market in advance give subsidies, According to the principle of "unified organization, unified command, unified coordination" principle, establish and perfect the organizations and agencies.

Jiangsu transportation hall LiXianYou emphasize, deputy director of transportation departments at various levels shall strengthen that "four". To strengthen leadership, strengthen responsibility implementation. Municipal ShengTing issued according to the annual plan objectives, formulating specific work plan, take responsibility implementation to each unit, each enterprise, each of the ship. To strengthen the coordination, a joint effort. Maritime, YunGuan to centralize office, "YiMenShi" service; Share information with finance department to ensure work smoothly linking. To strengthen the propaganda launch, and construct a favorable atmosphere. To strengthen the supervision and management and improving the working mechanism. Strictly implement hangzhou canal of ship standardization project put forward "ten prohibit" system, widely supervision by the society.

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