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Japan mitsubishi heavy industries won the value of 10 billion us dollars based on order


Seismic exploration of experts in the field of Petroleum Geo - - already in mitsubishi ASA Services for the specified value of 10 billion dollars in new ship orders. Oslo listed companies and mitsubishi heavy industries PGS have signed two ships W scale-up level geophysical based and plus 2 ship optional ships letters of intent. This is the first ship to ship looked level geophysical based fifth-generation ships. Plan in 2013 delivery first made boat. PGSCEO and J President in the comments on Reinhardsen Erik said: "the new generation of grade geophysical also will further strengthen PGS in seismic exploration domain unique position. We decided to expand our fleet is based on our on seismic exploration of the rising demand expected."

A new generation of each ship level geophysical based on the cost about $250 million, including subsequent construction, commissioning etc. The agreement signed with mitsubishi heavy industries include the other 2 ships, and announce the same ship in 1 year eventually sign the contract. The first system ship will in 2013, second ship will be delivered in the first half of the second half in 2013 delivery. If at the end of the contract execution of words, after two ships will 2015 the first and second half of the year 2015 delivery.


W scale-up level geophysical based on main parameters

Name: Ramform W scale-up

Owner: Petroleum Geo Services for

Hang flags countries: the Bahamas

Shipping joins rank: DNV + 1A1, SPS, ICE C, E0, HELDK, RP, CLEAN themselves TMON, BIS, NAUT - AW,

VIBR, COMF - C (3) V (3)

Captain: 104.3 meters

Type 70 meters wide:

Draught 6.4 meters

Fuel capacity: 6,000 cubic meters

Endurance: 150 days

Speed: verse 16

Main propulsion system: diesel engines and power

Host power: 6 x 3840 kW

The crew dormitory: 60 single rooms and 10 double rooms

The helicopter ping: 26m 15 t Super Puma/EH - 101

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